Tuesday, 25 November 2008

David Foldvari

Ken Garland

Christmas greeting for Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges


For a young, relatively inexperienced graphic designer, the art-editorship of Design magazine (published by the Council of Industrial Design) was an alarmingly exposed position. Not only were the designers of my generation waiting impatiently for some dramatic transformation but my predecessor had been promoted to a role in the Council which gave him a seat on the management committee of the magazine. He turned out to be tolerant and appreciative and generous; my peers less so. It wasn't until about 1959 that they (and I) began to feel I was getting a real grip of the job. By 1962, the year I left to start my own consultancy, I was enjoying the job more than ever. Someone said to me, 'You should always leave when you're ahead.' So I did.